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I thoroughly enjoyed the bootcamp. I came away with a whole new mindset about playing the game. I had been practicing 3-4 times/week, but I had no method, or measure or system to gage any progress. Now, I have a work station and definite means to work on various aspects of the game. Today I played a round at Mansfield National. I recorded a whole bunch of "C's" and very few "N's" (mental concept in lessons). When a tallied my score I had shot a 79!

Terry B.


 “I always struggled with my mechanics. Now, my swing is so much better and I don’t have to think about it! This methodology
really works!”
- Joe R.

"Can't teach an old dog new tricks?" Tim
Moore can. I'm 62, and was about to give
up the game before I met Tim. After a few
lessons with him, I was playing with some
friends when one of them remarked, "Who
are you and what have you done with the
real Larry Vaughn?"
- Larry Vaughn
"I've played golf since I was 8 years old and
I've taken lessons as a child and as an adult.
I've taken lessons at several different
country clubs, and nobody's been able to
correct my slice. With Golf Out of Control,
it was corrected in about 2 swings, which
really surprised me, because I had told pros
before that I doubted they could fix it. I am
just an average golfer, but this system
makes it just a lot more fun. It's simple; it's
an easy approach."
                                                  - Tom

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Let me start out and say the boot camp was
one of the best things I have done for my golf
game in the 40 years that I have played!  It
was a pleasure and a real treat to find a
teacher that has that much passion in
teaching the game. 
                                                     - Kelly P.

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"After one session with Tim I shot the best
score I've ever shot on this course by 10
                                                  -Doug Pritchett 


Tim, just thought I let you know how my golf game is going since taking your golf lessons.
I took the 6 hour program back in Oct. of 2007. My average score was 105, and I rarely
broke 100. Since it was winter I had a lot of time to practice and get my knowledge,
commitment, and trust down. I started playing about 3 days a week in February, since I
was retired, with my score still around 100. I did notice that as I played I thought about
what I was taught from your lessons, that became my "knowledge" of the correct way to
play. I also noticed I was committed to my pre-shot routine, and the way I was swinging
the club. Finley I trusted my swing to do what I planed for the shot. I am glad to let you
know that I now have an average score of 86, and just last week I broke 80 with a score
of 77 !!! Being 57 years old and "trying" to play golf for more than 40 years, I had a lot
of bad habits. Now I enjoy golf so much more, knowing how well I,m playing because I
invested a little time and money to learn the correct way to play golf. Thanks again so
much for the instructions and knowledge you passed on to me.

It has been a year since the Lord grounded you and I in DFW together.  I may know why He
connected us now--other than the fun I had sharing time with a new brother during the delay.
I recently met Tim  Moore who is a teaching professional in the DFW area.  I am taking lessons
from him, am growing in my game, but also finding myself enriched through the biblical parallels
he weaves into golf instruction.  These are things a golfer will (almost) immediately grasp and enjoy.

You can reach him @ , or look over his
site at

Trust you are well--Blessings,
Thomas F. Kemner

"I've played golf for about 20 years. My game had always been inconsistent. When you use this
program, you know exactly what you're doing, why you're doing it, and why the ball is going where
it's going. Right away I was able to use the information when I play. I was nervous about my
upcoming club tournament, but after using this program, I was able to play consistently and I won!"


"I have been a slicer for over 10 years. I have purchased countless training aids and taken
a lot of golf lessons to try and fix this frustrating problem. Finally, I truly do not slice
anymore! I wouldn't have believed it unless I had experienced it myself. It's so simple but
so powerful."
                                                                                                                         - Bob Heirstien


 “The 5 minutes completely changed my game. I can’t believe the difference in my
swing with all of my clubs. This system really works! Thanks Tim!" 

                                                                                                                   - Jimmy Thompson

“I always struggled with my mechanics. Now, my swing is so much better and I don’t
have to think about it! This methodology really works!”

                                                                                                                        - Joe R.

Dear Tim:

I am happy to comment on my experience with Golf Out of Control. Having recently started playing
golf I looked for ways to improve my golf swing to make the all important solid shots. The System does
this for you in all the usual mechanical ways and much more - it trains your instincts by having you
react to a series of powerful visual images. The System does not downgrade the mechanical aspects of
shot making - it acknowledges and teaches these as the bedrock of solid shots. The really important bit
- the training of your mind to instinctively shape shots (and this happens immediately) which would
take years, if ever, to accomplish using a mechanical approach only, gets you to both contact the
club face at the sweet spot and deliver the club on the right path. Remember you can do everyday
things instinctively (driving a car) which would be extremely difficult if not impossible to do from
detailed mechanical instruction. Golf has an additional degree of difficulty in that it is a game of
opposites e.g. you hit down on the ball to make it go up so here it is a case of re-training your instincts.

The System takes you further by explaining how to interpret the way the club face was delivered to the
ball from the flight of the ball and divot marks and ways to correct this using visual images. The final
portion of the System prepares you both physically and mentally for transferring the knowledge to the
course and takes you through a systematic approach to practice which re-creates the pressure you feel
on the course.

I coupled this with some 1 to 1 lessons with Tim to customize the System which I thoroughly recommend.
Tim is an excellent communicator with an genuine affection for the game of golf and, more importantly
for us improvers, is committed to the teaching of it - he is a firm believer that the 'learning is in the
teaching'. An overriding theme of the instruction is to learn to trust your equipment, approach and
actions to deliver success.

The Golf System represents excellent value for money and if you reinforce this with 1 to 1 instruction,
which I recommend, so much the better. You will be hard pressed to find a tutor who will instill you
with so much confidence and improve your shot making so quickly. You can spend much more money
on training aids which deal with the mechanical aspects of the golf swing only and
miss out on the most important instinctive side.  I realize I still have a long way to go but I am convinced
I am on the right road to making solid golf shots which is a fundamental requirement to playing
consistently well and enjoying the game of golf.


Dave Wade

I recently started playing golf again, and my old problems, persistent slice and inconsistent
swing, were back too. Tim has identified the problem 90+% of amateur golfers have with
their swing. His easy-to-visualize drills allow you to see what you are doing, and how to
correct it. I have had two lessons, and when I hit a bad shot I can see how to correct it.
Tim's methods work. My percentage of good shots is improving, and I am enjoying the
game again.
                                                                                                                      - Jack Nichols


Improvement Guaranteed!