Improvement Guaranteed!

This part of the program is completely optional.  Let me clearly state that I'm not a Pastor, not a PHD holding theologian, not a psychiatrist, and I'm not trying to push anything on you or saying that if you believe differently than I do then you're wrong. 

Years ago I recognized an astonishing parallel between what I was "preaching" on the lesson tee and what my Pastor was preaching from the pulpit.  I began to write these parallels down and how they applied to my life.  Now this "program" is available to you if you so choose.

The first thing to understand (or recognize) about golf is how backwards it is to our instincts.  Almost all of the most critical aspects in a golf swing don't match up with how a "normal" human being responds.  If I want to hit a ball far it's not "normal" to swing easy.  If I want to hit a ball up it's not "normal" to swing down.  If I want to not hit a ball right, it's "normal" to swing left.  etc....  etc... etc...  In life it's not "normal" to practice what the Bible teaches either.  Pray for enemies, live with humility, give instead of get, etc...  etc...  etc...????  These are not things I do INSTINCTUALLY.  But they are things that I can learn. And just like in golf I'll never be perfect, but the progress makes my life better and better each and every day!

There came a day in my life where things became bad enough that I finally decided it was time to take some lessons.  I was pretty much a stereotypical male in that "I can fix it myself" (or so I thought).  This was my ego driven mindset.  But after a whole lot of failure, misery and pain I finally sincerely asked God for help.  To my surprise He did not present me with a ton of religious laws.  A list of complicated religious "mechanics".  He introduced me to the one who was to become my lifetime teacher (and more).  His Son.

At the time (age 41) I was a confirmed agnostic.  In my words, I mean I thought there was some kind of god-like being but it certainly wasn't any of the gods people of any organized religion were talking about.  And as for this Jesus guy that so many talk about; in my mind He was reserved for small minded, weak, and mainly gigantically hypocritical people who had no idea about how the real world functioned.  Like so many golfers who will only come to take a lesson when the wheels have fallen off,  I had to get to the point where my life (my game) had fallen apart before I would be open minded enough to listen and maybe learn something new.

Overly weird and overly spiritual people scared me; and they still do!  I hope that if you'll read the Life Out of Control program as you go through your golf lessons you will come to see, as I did, that it's not about being weird, good, hypocritical or anything like that.  It's about discovering for yourself how effective this teacher truly is.  My outlook was like someone reading this golf website, or listening to someone else tell you that my golf lessons don't work.  I was making a decision before I, myself had even tried it!  Perhaps (like me) you judged Him and His lessons based on what you think He's about and how His other "students" behave.  The truth is you can't really know what these concepts, drills and teachings in my golf lessons will do for YOU as an individual until YOU try them.  Maybe YOU can experience and act on (not just read or hear about) His lessons as well.  It's a cliché statement but still true - "You won't know until you try". 

Think about this- When you, me or anyone plays their very best golf we are in a place where mechanical thought is gone, worry doesn't exist, doubt and fear are not present...  In sports we call it being "in the zone."  In life it's called faith.  Proper mechanics are a good thing; good healthy thinking (our mental game) is a good thing; but "the zone" - that place of little effort, little thinking and total confidence - That's the real goal!

Golf Lessons compared to Bible Lessons​​

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