Improvement Guaranteed!

No two people in history have ever been exactly the same.  So why do we think there's only one swing that fits us all? 

Making you fit into some type of cookie cutter or assembly line method is not the point, nor is it affective.  It's really very simple if you just think a little differently about it.  IMPACT between the club head and the golf ball is ultimately what it's all about.  Impact determines everything your shot does.  You'll learn what that is and most importantly you'll learn how to do it.

Our time together will focus on YOU and how YOU can most consistently deliver your club to the ball correctly.  Is that overly simple?  GOOD!

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For century's golfers have known of, discussed and dealt with two major areas in golf: 

1.  Swing Mechanics - the theories here are seemingly endless!  I believe in a very traditional and fundamental golf swing.  I find very

     little power in endlessly pursuing the detailed mechanical difference involved in so many varying techniques.  To me it seems like a lot of

     effort for very little result.  "proper" swing mechanics however are important.  Please don't misunderstand.  I will introduce and teach you the

     proper mechanics for the game of golf.   But once this foundation has been laid, there is more.....

2.  Mental aspects - ​If you have played golf for more than 5 minutes, then you know that golf is a very mental game (what isn't?).  This is a critically

     important aspect to finding your best game.  Without a good mindset it's practically impossible to consistently perform a god golf swing.  Without

     question I will introduce and encourage many mental disciplines as well as physical (or mechanical).  You cannot change a swing without

     changing a mind.

There is a third area that also greatly affects our ability to swing correctly, think correctly and ultimately consistently play this crazy game well......

INSTINCT​ is the third component that we will discuss and work on in your game:

​3.  Instinct - I understand it's probably nothing you've ever thought about but let me say this; in my 25 years experience there is no greater

     potential for substantial, fast, consistent and permanent improvement in the world than exists in this almost unexplored aspect.  Let me

     briefly explain - Golf is backwards to our normal instincts.  In golf when we swing easy the ball goes farther; when we swing down the

     ball goes up; when we swing left the ball tends to go right; swing right it tends to go left..... and on and on the list could go.  It's

     NORMAL to swing hard when we desire distance.  It's NORMAL to swing up when we want up.  It's NORMAL to swing left when we

     want left. So much of what is required of us for a great golf shot is completely contrary to how our basic instincts cause us to react.  A

     part of your training will be about retraining those reactions.  Once you do you'll get what we all ultimately want; Great shots without

     thinking!  Retrain your instinct and great swings become NATURAL.